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Thursday, 13 June 2013 11:07

Micro Hydro Turbine High Head 200w Featured

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Category:    High Head Micro Hydro Turbine
Product Code:    EXM-CJ-300W

This kind of Micro-hydro Generator is consisted of an inclined impulse turbine and a set of direct connected AC single-phase / three-phase generator. With the characteristics of small body, lightweight, simple structure, reliable operation and convenient assembly, and serving as the power source of lighting, TVs and recorders, it is most suitable for the households in mountain areas with scattered and small hydroelectric sources. The consumers can do easily themselves the installation and operation. This product has been thoroughly strengthened in the special technical measures to good quality, stable function and easy operation for women and children. Much less investment may add more happiness to your family.

The typical micro hydro generator station is as follows (figure 1), which consists of earthwork (inlet conduit construction, unit room and drain etc),the micro hydro generator, electrical wires and the users wires.

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