EarthPower Energy Solutions PTY LTD



Earth Power is one of the leading LED suppliers in South Africa carrying sole agency with our manufacturer and we are able to provide SABS IEC 60598 certification on our floodlights and dip tube lights.

LED's form an essential part of renewable energy as they are the first step in reducing energy consumption as you can replace a standard 50w halogen with a 6w LED, reducing your hourly consumption by 44 watts. With the advances in technology the payback period is within a year if this light if used on average for 5 hours a day.

LED's are gaining momentum in the market place as they are very energy efficient, have a 30,000+ hour life span and contain no hazardous material as they are all ROHS certified. The prices for LEDs are also coming down due to the huge increase of worldwide sales over the past few years.

*Eskom is now offering big incentives to replace your old inefficient lights with LEDs. As a registered Energy Service Company (ESCo) we are able to provide you with this service and help you greatly reduce your bill. Eskom will pay up to 85% of the costs back which means a much shorter return on your investment.

*Give us a call today to find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity.