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Consulting And Energy Audits

An energy audit, also known as a energy assessment, is the first step to assess how much energy your home or business consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

Renewable Energy System Design

Weather your property gets a lot of direct sunshine, strong winds or if your lucky a year round steady flow of water. Our staff have an in-depth understanding of current Renewable energy technologies and we are able to assess the individual needs of our clients. So weather it's hydro, wind or solar or even a combination wee can help you get the system that is best for you  

LED Lighting Conventions and Installations

Earth Power is able to upgrade your current lighting system with new energy efficient LED lighting installations. We provide comprehensive lighting solutions that will help drastically reduce your energy use. In addition to the energy savings our lighting systems come in a variety of colours that will beautifully light up your home or business.  

Solar Panels

Earth Power offers a variety of solar panels and the associated products necessary to run off solar, both in residential and corporate environments. Our solar panel range starts as small as 5w and as large as 280w. Our A-grade panels carry a 25 year warranty while our non-standard panels carry a 5 year warranty. When considering installing solar power in your environment it needs to be understood that it is not just photovoltaic panels that are needed but the other three essential items are batteries, a regulator and inverter. The inverter is needed if you plan to use any appliance that runs off standard 220Vac power as your inverter takes the low DC voltage (normally 12/24/26/48v) and converts it to the necessary AC voltage to run your appliances.

Wind Turbines

Earth Power supplies a variety of wind generators/turbines. Earth Powers wind turbines range from 300w to 20Kw and are able to meet a wide variety of residential and commercial needs; it is recommended that you assess your energy needs before you buy a wind turbine. We will gladly advise on the best solution for your application.

Hydro Systems

Hydro-electricity is fundamentally the combination of water flow and vertical drop (commonly called “head”). Vertical drop creates pressure, and the continuous flow of water in a hydro system gives us an on-going source of pressurized liquid energy. in order to have a hydro system installed on your property you will always need a constant source of flowing water. Call one of our specialists for an evaluation. 

On and Off-Grid Systems

Having an off grid systems greatest draw is that you’re not connected to the Eskom grid meaning you will not be affected by blackouts or load shedding. this will be mostly beneficial for rural areas where electricity infrastructure is not well developed and bringing in power lines will be very expensive. However financially speaking going off grid is the more expensive option for areas where power from the grid is already available. In contrast, a grid-tied or on-grid system retains a tie to the electrical grid while still producing its own power, this means there are far fewer upfront costs and less maintenance. You are also able to feed excess power back into the grid instead of it going to waste. You also have the option of buying an on grid system with a battery backup. The storage of the batteries is smaller than that of an off grid system as it is designed to sustain power a few appliances For the duration of a black out.

Power Factor Correction

Your company could be losing hundreds to thousands a month in costs associated with a low power factor. Beyond the immediate cash costs associated with a low power factor, there are environmental impacts of operating an inefficient power system. The carbon footprint and ever increasing energy costs of your company’s operations could drastically be reduced by simply implementing a power factor correction solution, reducing your company’s strain on the electricity grid & simultaneously saving your company money.

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